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Sleeves actors

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

What is a Sleeve actor? First, it is not a voice-over!

First, it is not a voice-over! A #virtualactor gets into the skin (that I call sleeve) of a virtual character to make it move and talk, to give life! It is like Netflix's Sci-fi Series #AlteredCarbon, when people's consciousness is transfer into a new body they call sleeve.

The formula is designed to facilitate actors in becoming virtual actors. First, let's have a look at what are the advantages of virtual acting.

A virtual actor can be of any age, sex, size, race, and style desired! It doesn't matter how you change; your sleeves will stay perfect. With the rapid technology evolution, working from home will be simple, allowing performers to quickly join productions unrelated to their location and playing multiple characters! #Sleeve(s) would be licensed standalone or with the owner's participation.

People would acquire on a marketplace their Sleeves! Owners would customize to do social posting and build up the popularity of those virtual alter egos and, as such, the mercantile value.

It is a new business opening the doors for those in the real world who wouldn't have the chance to make their stardom dream come true. For some, it will be a way to retain or revive the fading stardom.

In some ways, it has already begun in Asia as virtual pop stars are attracting fans for concerts! The Genie is out of the bottle.

Once this Pandora box opens, the sky is the limit!

People are already spending much of their time plugged in. There are those virtual environments for people to slip into an avatar and socialize. It is just a matter of deploying the proper commercial venues.

Actors and #performers needed a tool of expression for the virtual marketplace. I am a designer, and I love creating characters, looks, and so on, but not everyone shares this passion for spending so much time in front of a screen; they are performers! It is important to simplify the process. As tech is evolving, we see more affordable motion capture emerge.

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