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  • Merik Pelletier

A visionary mind

When do artists with a vision find themselves altering their artistic vision to fit a commercial mold?

I believe that many well-known artists started with a dream, but the road for artists is not easy. The old saying that "hardships strengthen creativity" is true to a certain extent. Based on personal experience, I know that in my most difficult periods, it was my creative world that provided me with an escape from reality.

The financial aspect is also an important one!

Some say that creative people are bad with money, but I don't see it this way. It is not that a creative person doesn't know how to deal with money; it is that we never taught our creative minds to deal with things in an organized way.

Scientists and artists share many of the same thought processes. They both have to solve complex equations and come up with a result! That said, it is not given to everyone to resist the wealth siren song! I am not saying that you lose your integrity; money is not an enemy, and it is what you make of it. When you become famous, you are likely to receive a lot of excessive praise. When you start to believe that your work is the center of the universe, it can be a sign for you to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Another problem is the club of the frustrated wannabee who takes a position that orbits and feeds on some other person's success. They stick around as long as there is plenty of food to eat and scoot off once the food runs out.

In the past, the old system worked for and by the folks in power. But now, the new system works for and by the newcomers. While there were times for intrigues then, now everything moves at light speed and is accessible! In this new world, we live in, where the Internet is revolutionizing our ability to network and find collaborators and audiences, any creative person can get the tools, help, distribution, promotion – all free of charge.

NO asses kissing required! Nonetheless, the old regime continued to force-feed its population the same old ideas. Aren't they aware that their public has left the room?

Fame can still have disastrous effects on some people; becoming famous and losing stardom is a shorter process. Thanks to modern technology, the effort it takes to make or break a celebrity is now in the hands of anyone with a smartphone.

The good side is that the obsessed creative genius, dedicated to their arts, has no one to stop their process if they want to. They don't have to starve to keep the integrity of their vision alive. No waste time and energy on meetings with someone who claims to love your work but is unwilling to support it unless you deform it.

How long will this new era last until it reverts or finds new controlling ways? Maybe we are genuinely assisting in the start of a new entertainment age!

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Who I'm I? That is a question we all ask ourselves at one point or another in life. I've been working in the Entertainment Industry for about thirty years. I had the privilege to work with amazing people, be part of fascinating productions and projects. Virtual Production is a passion, and I want to share my ideas, opinions, and view; it is that simple.


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