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  • Merik Pelletier

Have a puff of the future

Okay, this is an exercise during which you are allowed to put down your guard and open your mind!

A new study shows that Facebook use has begun to decline among teens. But does its founder seem worried? No, because he's too busy developing the next great thing.

Remember, this is just an exercise, so there is no need to get mad if I'm wrong. Let's continue; what is this new way of socializing that Mark Zuckerberg and his team have in mind? I heard an interesting thing today that I thought you might like to know. It has to do with virtual reality! Not the type that requires putting on your head some uncomfortable headset, but a more sleek and fashionable approach.

The cool frames may not be as awkward as Google glasses, but they still hide micro-cameras cleverly dissimulated in the frame. But now, you don't think about the camera because those new marvels not only display intelligent information, but they can also change your environment!

Now, your world is taking on a new set of colors.

You don't have to worry about looking at the wall of the other building outside your window—the glasses give you a beach view! You can wave to the friends you see along the boardwalk, too. Then what fun you will have virtually trying clothes, looking at hairstyles! There is no need to go out; the party will be brought to you by the magical glasses that make you look great! You just have to pretend that your cheap wine is champagne.

Sometime shortly, The Meta will offer a sensation-rich undergarment that delivers warmth and other sensations to its wearer.

As more time passes, you will have invested more in your make-belief life than in real life.

Okay, it is time to wake up now, friends; this exercise is over.

I'm not going to list the bad that can come from this. But, this is a world that will have to deal with it. For every new idea, there is something good and something wrong. We should be preparing while enjoying what is left of this era. People are already thinking of possible applications, and I am one of them. We should also look at laws to protect the public and prevent corporations from becoming too greedy.

It's a real pity that humans have wasted so much effort running away from reality instead of making it better. And for that, technology is not to be blamed!

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