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  • Merik Pelletier

Screaming in the crowd

I am not a famous influencer, but I am making an advertising campaign for my products. Before hiring one of those experts in promotion, I want to understand the process first. Understanding how something works is just as important to me as it is to the next person.

I've learned that miracle workers aren't necessarily any different from us throughout my journey, and sometimes, the results can vary depending on how much you are willing to pay. They are also as good as your product is.

They're not useless, but it's a two-way street. The more you know about it, the better you can do. I don't have time every day to keep doing this all day. Today was one of those days. For example, I learned how to make stuff ahead that could be used for social media postings.

Of course, as my business grows, I will hire someone to handle that job to concentrate on more pressing issues. I don't enjoy parading, but I must, and it won't be easy for me. Not so long ago, I surprised a friend by telling him that I was always terrified when walking on set or in a meeting. He said that he would have never guessed, and I replied that it was because I was shielding myself right. It is one thing to get comments on you and another to get your work criticized. I can't speak for you, but my work is like my child: I don't want it to get hurt. So every time I work on a promotion, I try to prevent armful attacks, but it's a futile effort:

Your products have a life of their own.

Not long ago, if you wanted to promote something, you'd simply take out some ads on some media and hope for the best. No longer is this the case, my friends. Now there are so many different factors to consider, and it is like learning a foreign language.

I guess this is why the experts are there? But then again, it is like you would be in Japan, relying on a translator to do everything for you. If you were living in Japan, wouldn't it be better to learn some basic Japanese?

When you scream in a cyber crowd, your voice gets ignored relatively quickly. So you have to repeat yourself until other people understand; then they get annoyed. I don't want to act like those cheap TV info commercials!

I enjoyed attending product fairs, but the best part was talking to all the people who stopped by my booth. There is no booth on the virtual, at the least not yet. If I, a "techie," feel this way, imagine how someone without any technological experience feels.

I find it hard to believe that some people can get an audience of millions just by themselves, especially when you look at some of their content! I get that there are a lot of idiots out there, but that many to justify having an audience of millions?

There is societal pressure to be rude, violent, and inconsiderate to get people to notice you. I am doomed then!

Am I too gloomy? I don't think so. I like to think that I am a realist. Stop laughing, and have a drink:)

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