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Status of the virtual #invasion Part 2

There's a lot of talk about #artificialintelligence, and what I've gained from it is that, at one point, #AI takes the initiative on its own. It's almost like raising a child—even if you provide the best care, you can't predict how that child will turn out as an adult.

I think the idea is scary, but I hope that people involved in AI development are not self-absorbed lunatics.

Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it's likely to stick around longer than we do. This article is about the development of virtual production.

So let's explore how artificial intelligence can be used in this industry.

I already use services based on AI technologies. One of my favorite tools is my #copywriter service, which makes my writing sessions much more productive. I still have control over my writing, and it presents me with opportunities for improvement. From the moment I started to use this service, I was hooked! There is no learning curve; you can be up and running in thirty seconds. It's full of clever options, and it's fast and accurate. I could go on, but I won't.

In the first installment of this series, I said that I wanted my perfect virtual production tool, so let's examine what this remarkable tool could look like!

The most important rule is to use an online service with no or few associated applications. Everything worked from a cloud base so I could access it anywhere from any computer or mobile device. If I work this way, I can reduce my expenses on hardware and improve #productivity. Using this method, you'll have sharing options for collaborating or showcasing your work.

The clever system would help me put together a story bible and create characters and locations! We tend to think we are all unique, but our differences are just slight variations on a shared theme. So, just as a police detective might profile a suspect to determine if he's guilty of a crime, I would provide the system with my character attributes and physical/behavioral traits. The AI would use the data to modify the base character mech and texture until it comes up with what I want. By this point, I had already saved thousands of dollars without missing a beat in my creative flow. The same process is used to create the sets, props, and environments. Voices are provided by artificial reproductions with emotional levels and linked to facial expressions.

I could go into detail about all the production aspects, but I think you get the picture. The tools to build this service marvel are already out there! The problem is that they are all separate components with no connections between them. But all are built upon public domain technologies!

Now we need clever minds to make the connections. Yes, in the long term, it might lead to the bankruptcy of some software and hardware companies. But what about the jobs that AI is taking away right now?

In each #evolution step, there is a period of adaptation.

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