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Enter the Story, is that the new Netflix?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The concept of #interactivefiction is not new. What is innovative are the possibilities that new technologies are providing.

That it is in production, distribution, or the experience itself, we are assisting in a content revolution that will change everything.

Many years ago, when I started watching "#StarTrek The Next Generation" and saw their "#Holodecks," I freaked out! Imagine a way to be part of your favorite novel, TV show, film, and interact with the characters!

Well, now we actually can. Yes, video games have been doing that for some time, but this was related to consequences, not the narrative.

After a thrilling series or film, I believe that everyone had experienced the desire to make it go on, push the story further, change details, and think of possible new twists. Then what a treat if you could share it with your friends and other fans or see what they come up with!

Now it is all possible, and very soon will be the new normality. First, because of the affordability and simplicity of virtual production tools, we assist in the emergence of virtual producers. Then, because of the need for content of virtual and augmented reality devices, the streaming network demand explosion will reach the mass public.

The news of Netflix investing in game developments is not surprising. They won't be the last to explore #interactivity to complement their programming.

Many people are already using social platforms to enhance their everyday lives and create an alternate version of themselves in many cases. People want, need to get away from reality. It is easier connecting with fiction for many, and now you will be allowed to engage with it!

Virtual characters are easily used for the production of augmented reality concepts. No complex studios setups for 360 actor recording, with life-like qualities like the Meta-Humans, the experience will be perfect and on budget!

The genie will be out of the bottle and on your coffee table or sitting next to you! The coming years will be an exciting period for Entertainment. Would #Netflix emulate the other online games companies or continue as the innovator they have constantly been unfolding a new form of Entertainment? Since I am not a gamer, I hope for the second option.

One of the main advantages of virtual production is its components that can be used for interactive developments!

What will it be? I am like a strange hybrid creature mix of kid and mad scientist, part wants to play, and the other develop the #gameplay!

Well, if you know people at Netflix, tell them that I got a head full of ideas!

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