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  • Merik Pelletier

Babes fest

I know many guys want to make sexy 3D models, but I don't think that's the best use of their time. First of all, realize that there is such a thing as the objectification of women, and the things you find cool are, in fact, harmful and offensive. Is it how you would like your mother or sister to be perceived?

There is a difference between attractive and obvious. While the virtual productions community is working hard to develop the new technology, they do not welcome those childish representations. I don't care well they are crafted; if your talent is limited to the little that hangs between your legs, you have no place in the industry. Grow up, have experiences, and come back once you realize the damage that such work is doing.

What pisses me off is the lack of social responsibilities of those companies reselling those models and promoting them—the same for all social networks that let it fly. You have also flown under the radar so far in the video game industry, but you do need to be aware of your responsibilities. The idea is not about placing female characters within the confines of a nun's habit but instead stopping from designing characters based solely on the females' exaggerated bodies and sexualities.

Today alone on Facebook, I saw about a dozen over-the-top sexually explicit 3D women representations. I did a promo about showgirls dancing, and they refused it, but an image of Velma bending with the face of Norvill on her ass passed! If I were to produce a series of a superhero with a big well-defined package and two big balls showing on the side of tight underwear, they wouldn't let fly, and if yes, the world would name me a pervert... and they would be right. But what about the mega babes bending down for the world to see?

Who is the grown-up in charge?

What is wrong with your clever AI system? Sexual exploitation is actual, and it has many faces! We can't fight for rights on one side while letting it slip on the other. When kids see sexual images in video games, they don't even fully understand; they develop a skewed sense of sexuality. That can lead to confusion, dissatisfaction, and other problems down the road. It is just common sense. Show hot and sexy, but the show the real! Millions of young girls and women are traumatized because they can't look like those false images. Not your problem, you say? Well, maybe one day your daughter will be one of them.

We already live in a world deformed by twisted images of what we are not. Will we let the virtual side become such deformation of reality? Do we want the next generation to have a good reason to stay away from reality?

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