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  • Merik Pelletier

My young boss

In my generation, people have witnessed the end of an age-old ascension system.

It took time to gain the respect of your colleagues and peers. When I was a young man, I got turned down for jobs—even ones I really wanted—because of my age. Now, once again, my age is a factor. You cannot do many things if you don't have a big social media following. In entertainment, especially, the influence of online social networks is profound!

You aren't even a blip on the radar to most people if you are not online.

For people born when land-lines were the primary source of household communication, the transition to this new era is not coming easy! But what's even more disturbing is the number of young people becoming managers now. Forget about waiting for your turn to get the next available executive job! I'm sure a youthful, dynamic newcomer will take it with less experience. The type that doesn't talk much but types fast on a smartphone. Perhaps I sound frustrated? I am! I'm getting frustrated because older people are missing out on what used to be the perk of going older--the last freaking promotion!

Now let's calm down a bit. It is not like we didn't see it coming! The tools that those young invaders are using we can use too. I am now writing a blog that is published on social networks. I use a smartphone, and I have a social network presence. Fighting against the changes doesn't stop it from happening. Some things that technology can't replace our experience and common sense. After a few hard hits, your young boss will seek the support of experienced team members like you! You don't need to become a YouTube star; be smart with what you publish and share.

It is essential to make an effort. Join a group of interest, like or dislike, but participate. You worked hard and faced many obstacles far more stressful than the online terror. The good thing about online is that you can take your time to prepare your moves. It is also an excellent tool if used correctly. For instance, you can follow your boss on Instagram or Facebook, which allows you to get a peek inside this person's life.

The more you know, the better you can connect with this person. It is also an opportunity to present yourself how you want others to perceive you. It is a tool to use strategically.

Even the worst spoiled brat, all young people are looking for elder approbation, whether they know it or not. Without turning to a kiss-ass, show some signs that you appreciate their work, which will do a world of good. It is challenging to work for younger people, but no more than any other challenge life has in store for us.

When they say that age is how you feel inside, it may not remove the physical problems, but it certainly changes your life perception. It is not being old; it is about being dull and sad. If joy is communicative, so is anxiety! Let go of the fear to embrace the new experiences. Don't stop re-inventing yourself. We never stop growing! Your young boss is not a problem but an opportunity if you want?

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