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Would you like to have a virtual bad copy of yourself out there?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Would you like to have a virtual bad copy of yourself out there? Virtual blow-up sex doll available for 40$ made with your likeness could be available online without you knowing it! I don't think that I have anything to fear, but it is another story for celebrities. Yesterday I got on the Marketplace, where I am selling some of my characters' assets, and in the new section, see a promo for the new #VeraFarmiga CC character.

Then I click on the preview and see the images below.

* I blurred section of the picture by respect of Vera Farmiga

Somehow, I seriously don't think that this actress, whom I observed while working on Source Code, agrees with such cheap use of her likeness (or attempt, that is.)

To put things in perspective, it is not the first time that I complain to their general manager for the lack of supervision of their marketplace.

#Reallusion offers excellent tools, but unsupervised such tools may lead to abuse and point-blank illegal activities.

The same developer has already published a selection of his celebrities' #lookalike. Available for the modest some of 40$! He also has a five-star rating, which makes you wonder how big his clientele is?

There is a demo youtube video, very explicit showing how her behind moves well! I bit crude, I know:(

I've been for months with the collaboration of actor friends testing that software, making sure that their likeness doesn't end up in the public place. I had talks with people at Sag to get their point of view on the possibilities of virtual actor doubles. It is a process that has to be made! As a content creator, I respect the conventions.

There is a big difference between fans' virtual sculptures of their favorite stars or characters and the vulgar commercialization of the likeness of famous people.

Some years ago, #Adobe presented a voice cloning software that was so impressive that it raised significant concerns. As a respectable software company, they step back and are still looking at the issues.

Since then, the TTS companies have for most be very careful in their operations.

Reallusion launched Headshot, a plugin for their #CharacterCreator software that allows people to build with any picture the reproduction of a person. If there are a group of people that have tons of photos online, it is the celebrities. Should this software have some security features? I would say yes. Those a company bare responsibilities attached to their software? I say yes.

This situation is the perfect example of arrogance blinding the fool! Last year or so, I spent months arguing with them to remove the Fully functional sex-parts add-on from their marketplace because it was showcased on the same page of kid cartoons characters! What you do with those is irrelevant; it shouldn't be where children's materials are! I forgot to mention that those were produced by one of their marketplace responsible.

Then it was piracy, as most of my stuff ends up on the black market, likely at the same place that are all of those celebrities virtual blow-up dolls! But yet again, NOTHING! We don't hear enough about piracy in the media to make it a concern. Should this company make sure that the work of developers publishing on their platform is secure? I say YES!

As #RuPaul may say: With great power comes great responsibilities!

I have sent #SAG an email about this affair! As the technologies of virtual production evolve, so should the rules that will protect users and the public!

The Entertainment Industry exists because of regulations that not only protect but ensure a fair chance to all. Every participant has their share of responsibilities, especially when what you sell impacts others' life.

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